Medicine Disposal

All medicines have an expiry date, usually printed on the box.  After that date it can be very dangerous to take them, as the active ingredients often change.  It is not uncommon for people to end up in A&E.

Also we hear in the news about the increase in the number of resistant strains of bacteria. This is a great worry for everyone. There is a great deal of evidence indicating that dumping or flushing over-the-counter and prescription drugs has a harmful effect on the environment and all living things.

Although much is made of the over use of antibiotics in humans and in farming, especially intensive farms (Salmon, Carp, Chicken, Pigs and Cattle), it is the high localised doses that can accumulate in bacteria rich sediments that wild birds feed from, causes great concern. These birds can introduce antibacterial resistant diseases to the world through migration.

It is important that we all safely dispose of drugs in a safe and responsible way.  Your Pharmacy is the best place.

Please return all out of date and unused drugs to the store.  It does not matter where you got them.

We have an environmentally friendly disposal service.